Opportunities And Risks

UE Course - Unit 6

Starting a successful business begins with a great idea. How that idea comes about can vary. Some may be struck by inspiration which leads to a business forming, while others may want to be their own boss and seek out an idea that will allow them to live their dream life. Whichever way it happens, the idea needs to take advantage of an opportunity that has come about in the market or satisfies the need of the customer. However, with that opportunity will come risk and knowing what those risks are and how to manage them is crucial in business.

In, ‘The Opportunities And Risks Within A Digital Business’, we’ll take you through the key steps in developing a digital business and how to avoid the things that won’t deliver the benefits you want. We’ll help you spot the opportunities that a digital business idea could exploit and how you should go about taking advantage of them. We’ll also highlight some of the risks associated with developing a digital business and how those risks can be handled.

You’ll learn about:

  • The steps to be taken in developing ideas.
  • How to assess the potential benefits of an idea.
  • The opportunities that might exist for a digital business idea.
  • What needs to be done to make the most of the opportunity.
  • Common risks associated with starting a digital business.
  • How the impact of risks can be minimised.

Taking time out at the start of a business to assess all the ideas, opportunities and risks will give you time to make the right decisions. It may be that you’ve several ideas floating around your head, and by following this process, you’ll be able to assess which one has the greatest potential.

With greater risk usually comes greater rewards, so by knowing what the risks are with your digital business idea, you’ll be able to judge the potential rewards, as well as taking the right actions to make sure the risks don’t have too big an impact on the business.

Remember throughout the course to make your own notes on what the opportunities are and what the risks might be for your business idea.


5 mins
Developing A Business Idea
10 mins
Assessing The Potential Benefits
25 mins
The Risks Facing A Digital Business
20 mins
Rounding It Off
5 mins
5 mins
Test Your Knowledge
9 questions

Case Study

Romina Savova
10 mins

Knowledge Boost

How Do You Assess Risk In Business?
15 mins

Rocket Fuel

Business Idea Scorecard
10 mins


Self Assessment
45 mins

Next steps

Putting It All Into Practice
Looking For Inspiration
Develop Your Business Skills
Preparing To Launch

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