The Challenges And Risks Of Starting A Business


The thrill of starting a new business is akin to that feeling you get when you go on a rollercoaster. You know there are going to be times when you’re frightened out of your skin, but equally, the exhilaration you feel will keep you coming back for more. Along with the challenges and risks you’ll face, there are a tremendous amount of opportunities to be had, particularly in the digital environment. Identifying those opportunities and then relating them back to your own aspirations and requirements will help set you on the right path to success.

In, The Challenges And Risks Of Starting A Business, we’ll start with you and help you to identify how success might look for your business, from world domination to earning a comfortable amount. We’ll assist you in seeking out what it is that you really want from your business, as well as finding out how your vision and values impact on the business. We’ll move on to talk about the opportunities that exist out there, how you can take advantage of those opportunities and, rather importantly, how to reduce or eliminate as best as possible, any risks associated with them.

You’ll learn about:

• How you can define your own success.
• The importance of what you value in running your business.
• The role your vision plays in achieving success.
• How to spot great business opportunities.
• Ways of making the most of those opportunities.
• How to recognise the risks and challenges your business will face.

Starting your own business is one of the greatest things that you can do, and when it’s done properly it can be hugely liberating and rewarding. But as with all great things, there can be a downside, and in running your own business, that downside comes in the form of challenges and risks. Knowing how to meet those challenges and risks head on will give you the greatest chance of success. As will being able to spot the opportunities that exist out there that match up closely with your own personal requirements and that marry up with what you want to achieve.

Remember throughout the course to make your own notes on what the challenges and risks might be for your digital business idea and where the best opportunities lie.


8 mins
What Does Success Mean To You?
15 mins
What Do You Value In Running Your Business?
15 mins
The Importance Of Vision And Values To Your Business
15 mins
Identifying New Business Opportunities
8 mins
Where To Look For An Opportunity
15 mins
How To Take Advantage Of An Opportunity
15 mins
Actions To Be Carried Out
15 mins
The Risks Of Starting A New Business
15 mins
Rounding It Off
6 mins
6 mins
Knowledge Test
5 questions

Case Study

Bill Gates
8 mins

Knowledge Boost

Are Values Really That Important In A Digital Business?
8 mins

Rocket Fuel

Business Opportunity Q&A
6 mins


Self Assessment
30 mins

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