Steve Jobs, Kim Kardashian and Benjamin Franklin are all widely known individuals. While their talents are all very different from one another, they each possess one common trait – entrepreneurship. Here, we explore the different types of entrepreneur that exist today.

According to academics, there are four distinct types of entrepreneurs. The main difference between each type is the level of tolerance of personal risk, the size and scale of the vision, and the personal financial goal.

A small business entrepreneur, for example, is likely to have the financial goal of being able to support themselves and any dependants through the income of their own company. A scalable startup, however, will have the same high personal risk as a small business but the end goal is about implementing their vision and making it a highly profitable earner.

Another strand of entrepreneurship comes from being a part of a large company and leading through expansion and acquisition. This type of entrepreneur aims to generate substantial revenue and profit for a company, with the aim of getting a promotion and salary increase in return. The final type of entrepreneur is social. Social entrepreneurs aim to make change through their business and are not looking to profit as a result.

I think we can all agree that these four different types of entrepreneurs are very different from one another. It would, however, be reasonable to think that regardless of type, entrepreneurs share many common characteristics –  resilience, passion and tenaciousness to name a few. But another similarity between all types is the entrepreneur’s search for a sustainable business model.

The fundamentals of business and its management are invariably the same irrespective of the size of the business. At Rocketeer Academy, we understand that many entrepreneurs are what we identify as action-orientated. Ultimately, true entrepreneurs like to get things done and love turning their ideas into reality but sometimes this is easier said than done.

To accelerate the growth and success of startups, we offer a complete support programme that can assist entrepreneurs in developing their idea and vision for their business to achieve set goals. In addition to offering a number of business services like marketing and branding, we offer offline and online courses that can assist entrepreneurs in making sure their business venture is built on solid foundations. No matter what type of entrepreneur you identify with, our team can offer a number of routes to get you and your business to the next step. To learn more about what’s covered in our online launchpad programme, click here.

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